Dick Forshaw sent for trial

August 24, 1944
At Liverpool Police Court yesterday, Dick Forshaw, aged 49, and ex-Liverpool and Everton footballer, now described as a club manager, Bernard Street, London, and Frank Middleton, aged 51, theatrical artist, Sloan Terrace, London were committed for trial at the quarter sessions.

They appeared on five charges of stealing a quantity of cloth, valued at £47, from different Liverpool shops, and one charge of stealing cloth, valued at £50, the property of some person unknown.

Mr. H.R. Balmer, prosecuting, said that Detective G. Milne visited a Liverpool hotel on July 27, and in a room occupied by the two accused found five suitcases, two of which contained cloth. The men made statements, but on being later informed that their story was not believed, Forshaw was alleged to have stated: “I admit stealing the cloth with Middleton. I kept the shop assistant talking while Middleton stole the cloth.” Middleton was alleged to have made a similar statement.
(Source: Liverpool Daily Post: August 25, 1944)

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