Bright outlook for Liverpool at Manchester United

Friday, November 10 – 1944
Liverpool’s outlook for the visit to Maine Road for the return game with Manchester United is much brighter. Matt Busby is a certainty to lead the side at the ground where he was such a prime favourite in the City colours.

Willie Fagan is travelling to take over the centre forward position, and Pilling is fit again. Consequently the club has announced a list of 13 players from which the side will be selected – and surely they will be able to light on a combination capable at least of avoiding defeat. Liverpool claim two away wins this season – at Stockport and Everton – and while the United represent tough opposition, especially with the aid of Breedon, Morris and Mitton, the return of Fagan and Taylor to the attack, and Busby’s magical influence on the dfence, should enable the Reds to grab the points.

Liverpool (from): Alf Hobson, Jim Harley, Jeff Gulliver, Matt Busby, Laurie Hughes, Jimmy McInnes, Jack Pilling, Berry Nieuwenhuys, Phil Taylor, Willie Fagan, George Paterson, Billy Liddell, Jack Campbell.

Manchester United: Jack Breedon, Joe Walton, George Roughton, Jack Warner, Briggs, Bert Whalley, Bill Bryant, Johnny Morris, Jack Smith, Albert Mycock, Charles Mitten.
(Evening Express, 10-11-1944)


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