This is Merseyside – No. 33 – Walton Village

Friday, November 17 – 1944
Strange as it may seem, Liverpool was at one time, a town and borough “within the Parish of Walton.” Records show that not until 1650 was “the ancient parochial chapel called Liverpool Church made a parish of itself.”

Today Walton Village and its fine old parish church are within the wide environs of Liverpool and only a few yards from a main city route along which stream tramcars and ‘buses. Walton Parish Church, known in ecclesiastical records as Walton-on-the-Hill, celebrated the 1,000th anniversary of its consecration in November, 1930. It is one of the oldest churches in Lancashire, dates back to the time of the Saxons, and has a font more than 900 years old, a reading-desk dated 1639, registers dating from 1586 and six bells from 1730. The church is mentioned in the Domesday Book.

The Derby family has associations with Walton, for the Rector in 1506 was the Rev. James Stanley, who became Bishop of Ely. Many interesting names are to be noted on the gravestones, the oldest stone being that of William Fazakerley, who died in March, 1600.

Nobility is represented by Richard. Lord Viscount Molyneux, who died July 1, 1651. Molly Bushell of “Everton Toffee” fame, was buried here in 1818.

One of Walton’s most famous characters was John Hope, who performed the triple duties of parish clerk, surveyor of the highways, and master of Walton Free Grammar School. In 1773 he erected near the church a school for young ladies, affixing to the building the first building the first lightning conductor used in this part of England.
(Evening Express, 17-11-1944)

Walton-on-the Hill.

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