Shepherd and Welsh turn the scale

January 8, 1945
Liverpool scraped through at Stockport. No more than that. Only Welsh stood above mediocrity. He not only scored two of the goals but was the only Anfield forward to play football on the ground in a manner worthy of Liverpool’s reputation.

Nieuwenhuys faded out somewhat and Shepherd was not at his best in the centre in place of Billy Liddell. When he scored the visitors’ other goal, one which in the 66th minute gave them the lead, he did not hesitate to turn Cope’s miskick into a goal. It was in defence where Liverpool were most disappointing.

There was neither cohesion or individual steadiness, though Blood at centre half was an exception. He certainly put a brake on Catterick, who was always a danger after he had opened Stockport’s scoring in the sixth minute. Stockport’s second goal came right at the end in the 90th minute, Shaw with his head glancing Ridgway’s corner kick at Hobson.

The Liverpool goalkeeper made two fine saves, but his handling and judgment were not of the best. For instance, he once came out, let the ball bounce over his head, and as Catterick shot it in the empty net Gulliver raced back and scooped the ball off the line. Stockport played with more spirit than the winners, but it was the two goals by Welsh and Shepherd in the second half that turned the table.

Stockport County: Harold Martin, Fred Redfern, Ron Lewin, Maurice Hill, George Cope, Billy McCulloch, Fred Ridgway, Arthur Woodcock, Harry Catterick, Harold Gee, Ken Shaw.
Liverpool: Alf Hobson, Kenneth Seddon, Jeff Gulliver, Harry Kaye, Jack Blood (Exeter City), Jack Pilling, Jack Campbell, Arthur Shepherd, Don Welsh, Michael Hulligan.
Referee: Mr. J.H. Parker (Crewe).
(Liverpool Daily Post: January 8, 1945)


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