Four men killed in collision

January 15, 1945
Charge against lorry driver
Accused of unlawfully killing Stanley Franklin on November 25, William Edward Bell, aged 18, motor driver, 74 Latimer Street, Liverpool, was at Liverpool Police Court yesterday remanded until January 25.

Mr. J.R. Bishop, prosecuting, said Bell was employed by a coal merchant, and on the afternoon on Saturday, November 25, after completing his deliveries of coal, was returning with an empty lorry when he picked up a number of men and boys with the idea of giving them a lift to the football match at Anfield. At the time of the accident there were seventeen or eighteen persons standing on the lorry.

A Corporation motor-bus was proceeding along Queen’s Drive when Bell’s lorry approached up Utting Avenue. The bus driver thought he had a clear road, and, it was alleged, Bell ignored a caution sign, went across the junction and there was a collision.

Passengers thrown out.
The impact was not severe, but it was sufficient to cause the lorry to tip up slightly, with the result that several of Bell’s “passengers” were thrown into the roadway. Four sustained fatal injuries, ten were removed to hospital with injuries, and one of them was still detained in hospital.

When seen by a police officer, Bell said: “I thought Utting Avenue was a most important major road,” which, said Mr. Bishop, might have accounted for the fact that he proceeded with his lorry without any regard as to what was passing over Queen’s Drive.

When charged by Detective Gittings, Bell said: “Why should I be unlawfully charged and the other driver is not unlawfully charged?”
(Liverpool Daily Post: January 16-1945)


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