Old stars for Tranmere Rovers

January 16, 1945
Tranmere Rovers are hopping that Lew Ashcroft and Abe Rosenthal, their pre-war forwards will be able to play against Liverpool at Anfield on Saturday. It is just a matter of hope at the moment, but Ashcroft is due home from overseas, and Rosenthal thinks he will be getting leave.

A spot of bad news for the Rovers followers is that Len Kieran, the versatile defender, is injured and will not be able to play for at least two weeks. Bill Gibbons will take over centre half duties at Anfield and Hornby will be a left-back although Owen’s name is included in the line just in case he can get away. Danny Glidden is expected to be back.

Tranmere Rovers (from): Ernie Butler, Ted Anderson, Eric Hornby, Percy Steele, Bill Gibbons, Stewie Williamson, Harold Atkinson, Lee, Danny Glidden, Cec Wyles, Abe Rosenthal, Alf Hanson, Arthur Owen.
(Evening Express: January 16, 1945)


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