Tommy Lawton’s chance for goal-record

Thursday, February 1 – 1945
Tommy Lawton, the England and Everton centre-forward, has a long way to go before he sets up all-time record figures for goal-getting. Yet with years of football life before him this young Boltonian who leads England against Scotland on Saturday at Villa Park, should outscore both Dixie Dean, his predecessor in the Everton team, and Jimmy McGrory, famous Glasgow Celtic leader.

Last Saturday Lawton scored his 400th goal in first class football after nine years in the highest sphere, but Tommy still requires 52 goals to beat Dean’s grand aggregate of 451 in all matches and 151 to overtake McGrory’s overhaul total of 530. A Scottish friend and record-keeper states that in all internationals, representatives games, trials cup and League matches McGrory scored 550 goals. Well, we know that Dean in his wonder career scored 376 Football league goals with Tranmere Rovers, Everton and Notts County.

I have been delving through the dusty files seeking Dean goals in an effort to produce Dixie’s grand total.

In F.A. Cup Ties Dean scored 28 goals, and in internationals, Inter-League, trials and F.A. Charity Shields matches Dixie netted 47 times. This makes Dean’s grand total 451. Goals scored with Sligo Rovers and Hurst, the Cheshire County League side, are not included as that was not in first-class football.

Dean’s representative match and cup figures from 1925-26 season onwards were (internationals figures given first); 1924-25-26, 0-0; 1926-27 16-3; 1927-28, 19-3; 1928-29 4-0; 1929-30, 0-2; 1930-31, 3-9; 1931-32 1-1; 1932-33 4-5; 1933-34, 0-0; 1934-35, 0-1; 1935-36, 0-1; 1936-37, 0-3; 1937-38, 0-0; 1938-39, 0-0. Totals 47 and 28.

Record Stands.
There is not the slightest doubt that if Lawton does eventually exceed the figures of Dean and McGrory that it will be accepted universally as an all-time record. The authorities –the Football League and the Football Association –do not really acknowledge records and figures require no official “recognition.”

As a matter of fact it is the newspapers statisticians who make the records and being accepted generally by the sports writers become official records. I have talked the matter over with some of my co-writes and they agree that if Lawton does pull it off then the record must stand. In other words they agree that Lawton must not be made to suffer just because a war has intervened in his career.

One paramounted fact must not be forgotten, Dean, McGrory and Lawton have scored their goals in the highest class of football pertaining at the time. It matters not whether present war football is not as hard as peacetime fare, the fact remains that Lawton is scoring under the auspices of the Football League and F.A.

Tommy has a good chance of beating the League totals of Dean, Steve Bloomer and McGrory, too. At the moment stands at 292 in the League goals race as compared with Dean’s 376, Bloomer’s 352, and McGrory’s 410. So Bloomer’s 353 becomes your first target, Tommy Go to it.
(Evening Express, 01-02-1945, by ‘Pilot’)

Tommy Lawton, Everton F.C:


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