National captains in Army teams

Tuesday, February 6 – 1945
Joe Mercer and Matt Busby, English and Scottish captains in the international match at Villa Park, will appear for the army against the Royal Navy at Ipswich on February 17. Busby will lead the team, which includes two other internationals in Steele (Stoke) and Rowley (Manchester United). First appearance for the Army representative side will be made by Lloyd, the Wrexham and Fulham right back; Wardle, the Exeter and Chelsea right winger, and Wilson, the Crystal Palace outside left.

Team: Harry Medhurst (West Ham United), Joe Lloyd (Wrexham), Harry Kinsell (West Bromwich Albion), Matt Busby (Liverpool), George Smith (Charlton Athletic), Joe Mercer (Everton), George Wardle (Exeter City), George Hunt (Sheffield Wednesday), Freddie Steel (Stoke), Jack Rowley (Manchester United), Albert Wilson (Crystal Palace).
(Liverpool Daily Post, 06-02-1945)


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