Three warm smiles for Stoker Douglas Massey

February 7, 1945

The three warm smiles in this picture are for you Stoker Douglas “Duggie” Massey, from Granny and Aunty Phyl at your home 58, Enid Street, Liverpool 8, and Aunt Emily, who had just popped in to see the, when we called.

A letter from you had arrived that morning, and they were all feeling very bucked about it – even, it seemed, Wibs and Dusty, the two cats, who had never stopped purring since the postman came.

Aunt Emily says Geoff, your cousin and friendly rival at football, is going all out – at sixteen – to be a big business-man. But even Big Business Men are sometimes interested in football, and he is waiting for a good chat with you again on the respective merits of the Liverpool and Everton teams – he hopes to “convert” you to a true appreciation of your home team.

Visitors to the house often admire your handiwork, Duggie – especially the cut-out picture you made of your favourite star, Bing Crosby. Incidentally, Geoff has just been to see his latest film, “Going My Way,” and think it fine.

Your Mother, Step-father and Step-sister Beryl send their love, and are looking forward to seeing you again. So are Sister Phyllis, Brother-in-law Bill and little Roberta, two years old, who is getting quite talkative. She and the other children to whom you give your ration of sweets are loud in their thanks.

This past Christmas was the first for some years when you weren’t around to sample a glass of Uncle Sam’s special “port.” But don’t worry – your share is being kept for when you come home.

Everyone wishes you a happy year, and Granny adds the old-fashioned but sound advice, “Look after yourself and a be a good boy.”
(Source: Good Morning: February 7, 1945; via © 2018 Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited

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