Liverpool lose – Bolton excel in the first half

Monday, February 19 – 1945
Bolton Wanderers’ first-half display was such that they promised their supporters a handsome victory, for they almost ran Liverpool off their feet, scored a goal – it should have been more – and then through some inexplicable reason faded out in such a manner that they were fortunate in the end to win 2-1.

Had Liverpool had any driving force in their attack they could have won this game in the last half-hour, for the Wanderers had gone to pieces. Where they had been so good they were now bad, the fast-moving forward movements had disappeared and the defence was uncertain and unhappy when under pressure.

Bolton exploited the long ball to the wings and up the middle, and the Liverpool goal was often under the hammer, but at the interval they had only out one goal and that was scored after Alf Hobson had saved Tom Woodward’s first attempt – a short-range shot which was too hot to hold. Hobson stopped it, but Woodward following up returned it to the back of the net at the eleventh minute. So much on top were Bolton that others should have followed.

Bolton opened the second half confidently and scored a second goal after fifty minutes, through Willie Moir, but the lustre of the first half was missing. It was shortlt after the second goal that a great change came over the Wanderers, their defenders starting to fall back on their own goal when pressed instead of going out to tackle with their earlier confidence, and it was this factor which brought Jack Campbell his goal after an hour.

Liverpool were back in the game with a chance. Had they takem than, they would at least have drawn level, but theer was no sufficient punch in their forward line. Berry Nieuwenhuys almost pulled the plum out of the pie. Bill Fielding saving well. They fought hard enough and were testing the Wanderers severely, but their shooting was feeble. For all that they were desperately unlucky when, in the last minute George Hinsley with Fielding out of hos goal headed an inch over the bar.

Result: Bolton 2, Liverpool 1. Attendance 11,494; receipts: £929.
(Liverpool Daily Post, 19-02-1945, by ‘Stork’)


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