Ernest Richards – another Tranmere Rovers discovery

March 12, 1945
The lesson to be learned from Liverpool’s success over Tranmere Rovers was that the Rovers have made yet another centre-half discovery in Ernest Richards. I would go so far as to state that Richards is as good if not better than was Laurie Hughes when he first started with the Rovers.

Here is a player with all the attributes who was never once hurried by Liverpool’s repeated forward switch. Richards’ excellence, the fine goalkeeping of Butler, and the progressive work of Glidden redeemed the Rovers, who failed repeatedly because their passing was so inaccurate.

Liverpool at times fell to the level of the opposition, so the game was by no means elevating. The easy operation of the Reds’ machine was upset by the very enthusiasm of Berry Nieuwenhuys, who tried to do too much in defence instead of concentrating on attack. Still it was a good fault.

George Hinsley was the most methodical footballer afield, with Harry Kaye and Jack Pilling the most industrious because they were always giving a helping hand to someone or other. Jack Campbell and Phil Taylor did some pleasing work, but this was not a particularly bright Liverpool display.

The goals came from Nieuwenhuys, Hinsley and Taylor – the last a peach in coolness and accuracy – while Danny Glidden deservedly got the consolation point.
(Evening Express: March 12, 1945)


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