Eric Keen as a football coach in the Army

March 16, 1945
Have just had word of Eric Keen, Derby County’s international half-back, who dropped out of our ken after assisting Everton and Liverpool a few seasons back. A friend in India writes to say that Keen is acting as trainer-cum-reserve for the Services touring side which is now playing a series of game out there. As he has just had eight months in hospital, however, his appearances as a player will probably be few. The same informant advises me that Tommy Walker, of Scotland and Hearts, and Ted Ditchburn, of England and ‘Spurs, are stealing the thunder in the touring eleven.
“Ditchburn is the most unorthodox goalkeeper I’ve seen,” he write. “He does everything the textbooks say one shouldn’t, but there’s no denying his brilliance, and if Frank Swift is playing better than Ditchburn then the Manchester City man must be good.”
(Liverpool Daily Post: March 16, 1945)


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