Liverpool F.C. youngsters celebrated

March 19, 1945
The Cup draw made me, unfortunately, late for the celebration supper given by the Liverpool F.C. directors, under chairman Mr. William McConnell, to the junior players to celebrate the winning of the Liverpool County Combination championship three times in four years, but I arrived in time to hear the discussions regarding next Saturday’s big game at Anfield.

At Liverpool’s celebration, Mr. Billy McConnell was supported by vice-chairman Mr. Stanley Ronald Williams, Mr. William Harvey Webb, and Mr. George Alfred Richards (directors) and club officials. It was mentioned that fifty per cent of the players had graduated from the Colts team, and that the success of the side was in a large measure due to the guidance of Mr. Jimmy Seddon.

Jack Macdonald, the captain in the three championship season, came in for a special reception when he said a few words. Each player is to receive a memento of the achievement, permission having been granted by Liverpool County FA.
(Source: Evening Express: March 19, 1945)


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