George Jackson scored from his own half

April 3, 1945
George Jackson has scored a fair number of war-time goals for Everton for he has been their chief utility player during the last five years or so and his figured in every department from goal to centre-forward but he has never notched so “simple” a goal as he did yesterday against Liverpool.

George Jackson, Everton F.C.
George Jackson Everton F.C.

From just inside his own half a few yards from the touchline he booted the ball high in the air, well beyond his forwards, right into the Liverpool goal, and to everybody surprise it went between the goalkeeper up stretched hands into the net.

Speaking from memory I cannot recall Jackson ever before having scored other than from free kicks or penalties when playing full back. He has however found the net several times when pressed into service during war-time emergencies as a forward.

On one occasion a few years back he got all Everton’s four goals against Liverpool at Goodison Park.

On another occasion he played in five different positions in five successive games, including centre forward one match and in goal the next. He has been playing brilliantly this season at full back, every bit as well as when he was plucked for the England team which toured South After eight years ago.
(Liverpool Daily Post: April 3, 1945)


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