Liverpool’s worries before the Chesterfield match

April 19, 1945
Liverpool also are unable to give us any definite news regarding their team, but hope springs eternal and neither chairman Mr. William McConnell nor Manager Mr. George Kay are sparing any efforts in their bid to secure stars to fill the gaps created by injuries.

Liverpool made application to Manchester City for permission to include Peter Doherty, the Irish international who is not cup-tied, but the City turned down the request. There is a chance that Billy Liddell will be fit for his pulled muscles have made good progress, but there is quite an “if” about the Scot.

Berry Nieuwenhuys, too, should have recovered from his strained back, and seeing that his leg is quite all right again I have a feeling he will be playing. I was delighted with the play of Harry Eastham at Maine Road, and his skill can be made an asset alongside sharp-shooters. I have no doubt that the Reds will have all their problems nicely solved by Saturday afternoon. Alf Hobson had a bruised should, but is expected to be fit.
(Evening Express: April 19, 1945)


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