Unopposed retiring directors for Liverpool F.C.

April 19, 1945
There is little likelihood of an election this year so far as the Liverpool F.C. directorate is concerned, but whether there will be one for the vacancy on the Everton board may not be known until after nomination day – May 1.

The retiring directors on the Liverpool board are Messrs. Walter Henry Cartwright, William Harvey Webb and Ralph Knowles Milne, who offer themselves for re-election. So far there has not been the slightest suggestion that they will be opposed.

Messrs. Walter Henry Cartwright and Webb have each completed 25 years’ service on the bard – yeoman service – and Mr. Cartwright was the chairman for three years following the death of Mr. Thomas Crompton, and is at present chairman of the Stores Committee.

Mr. Webb waived his right to the chairmanship some years ago, preferring to devote his energies to the Grounds Committee, of which he was chairman for many years.

Mr. Milne is the junior member of the board, which he joined three years ago on the retirement of Mr. John Asbury, and has been a diligent worker and a great club enthusiast.
(Evening Express: April 19, 1945)


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