Liverpool to make offer for Jack Westby

April 23, 1945
Liverpool have decided to make an offer to Blackburn Rovers for the transfer of Jack Westby, the tall, big hearted half-back whom Liverpool have converted into a high powerful right-back. The size of the offer will be decided at Wednesday’s meeting of the directors, and if it is accepted it will be Liverpool’s second transfer deal of the war, for they secured Alf Hobson from Chester some time ago.

Blackburn opened the negotiations, for when Liverpool asked for Westby’s services as a guest, the Rovers suggested a transfer and named a price – a high price. Two weeks ago the Rovers refused permission for Westby to play for the Reds on approach being made, but acceded to the request of Manager Mr. George Kay some days later, and Westby played against Manchester City.

Last Friday the chairman Mr. William McConnell said ab offer would be made for transfer, and this was confirmed at an informal meeting of the Reds’ directors at Anfield on Saturday, where Chesterfield brought off the surprise of the North Cup by holding Liverpool to a goalless draw on a day which demonstrated the team-spirit and dour fighting powers of Westby.
(Evening Express: April 23, 1945)


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