Football season may be extended

April 26, 1945
Here is some important news which will affect the entire position regarding the championship No. 2 of the Football League. The Football League expects to receive in a few days permission from the Football Association for all competition games played by Football League clubs up to May 26 to be included in the championship.

This will delight followers of Liverpool particularly, for it means they could still pull off the “double” of Cup and League. Mr. Fred Howarth, secretary of the League, explained the position to me, and said that while it was intended that the League should conclude on May 5, negotiations have been opened with the FA to make it a League as well as a county cup extension. And that is exactly what we all want.

One thing, whatever happens, all subsequent matches in the North Cup will count for the championship, so that will enable the survivors to aim at two objectives.

Mr. Howarth expressed the opinion that the FA will agree to all matches in county cups played after May 5 to be counted for the League. “Clubs will not, however,” said Mr. Howarth, “be allowed to make additional fixtures for the purpose of securing extra League points. That would not be fair.”

Mr. Howarth said that a proportion of points may be allowed to clubs unable to play the same number of matches. “Nothing definite can be said just at the moment,” added Mr. Howarth, “but I think we shall come to an arrangement whereby the League will conclude on May 26.”

While the points still need clarification, these announcements bring plenty of hope that Merseyside will gain the championship. Another point of interest is that Whit Monday may be the date for some county cup games – Everton v Tranmere Rovers is one arranged already – which would also count for the championships, so there is plenty of interest in the concluding days of the season.
(Evening Express: April 26, 1945)

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