Attraction for mid-week fans

April 28, 1945
The fixing of the Western Command against a combined Everton and Liverpool team for Goodison Park next Wednesday evening has created tremendous interest, and much speculation regarding the constitution of the club side described as “Liverton” when it might just as well be “Everpool.”

Unfortunately many of the Services players will be unable to play because of travelling difficulties. For a long time I have advocated our two senior clubs combining for charity matches, and while it means leaving out some favourites, we shall be able to see how the Reds and Blues dovetail.

Liverpool’s candidates for inclusion must depend largely on what happens at Chesterfield today, for Liverpool, if they survive, will not wish to risk too many of their cup-fighters against an attractive and capable Command side. The combined team will be selected this weekend, and although I could make suggestions, I refuse to “lead with my chin” and express preference for any player for any position. It is best to leave it to Messrs. Theo Kelly and George Kay, who will have a little “get-together.”

Rest assured that this game for the Command Welfare Fund will be a rare treat, especially for the starved mid-week fans.
(Evening Express: April 28, 1945)


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