Liverton win 4-3 at Goodison

May 3, 1945
Wally Boyes, the Everton international, under the keen eyes of the Western Command selectors, was the star of an entertaining game at Goodison Park last night, when the combined Everton and Liverpool team defeated the Western Command 4-3. Boyes scored a brilliant second half hat-trick, and altogether gave an exhibition which brought back memories of Wally’s finest display of the 1939 championship season.

Boyes was brilliantly served by the subtle Phil Taylor and precision passer Gordon Watson, and worried the Army’s defence to distraction by his quickness in changing position and finding the open space.

The “Liverton” attack was much superior to that of the Command, and until the later stages the defence was as steady as a rock with George Jackson, captain for the night, and Laurie Hughes outstanding. Cec Wyles gave “Liverton” the lead in four minutes, but soon after half-time Fred Durrant equalised. Then Stan Bentham completely outwitted the Army defence by going through magnificently to give Boyes his first goal, the ball going in off Arthur Jefferson’s foot; Boyes cracked home a beauty after Taylor had allowed the ball to pass between his legs, and headed through a Wyles pass to complete his tally.

Newson reduced the lead from a corner and the Chapman went through on his own to narrow the margin, in a game producing much good football for the 8,410 spectators, who paid £486 for the Command Welfare Fund.

This was a happy Blue-Red get-together and I hope it is the forerunner of many such joint games.
(Evening Express: May 3, 1945)

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