Herbert Hall transferred to Liverpool

May 28, 1945
With the closing of the football season Liverpool have solved the problem which has been worrying them ever since last August. They have signed another first-class goalkeeper to strengthen a position for which the only regular player has been the consistent Alf Hobson.

Liverpool have run the rule over scores of goalkeepers only to find the clubs not willing to part or the player not quite what they desired. Now they have signed a grand player – for nothing. This is Herbert Hall, the Western Command goalkeeper, who was the Bolton Wanderers goalkeeper until they secured Bill Fielding from Cardiff City.

Hall at the moment is an amateur and a regular soldier. I do not think it will be long, however, before he takes the professional ticket. Liverpool were “put on” to Hall by a famous international who, in my presence expressed the opinion to the Reds’ chairman, Mr. William McConnell and manager Mr. George Kay, that Hall was one of the best goalkeepers in the North. Nothing more was said at the time, but obviously Mr. McConnell kept the remark at the back of his mind.

Nothing could be done, of course, because Hall was a signed amateur with Bolton, but when May 6 came round and Bolton did not re-sign Hall, Liverpool were free to step in and get Hall to Anfield.
(Evening Express: May 28, 1945)


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