The Central League to resume next season

June 5, 1945
The Central League is certain to resume next season – with 19 clubs as a minimum. The question of restarting on the pre-war basis or in regions will be discussed by the Management Committee on Wednesday, June 20, and the Committee will make recommendations to the clubs at the annual meeting which follows the Football League annual meeting on Jul 23.

There are only two clubs who, at the moment, cannot take part. They are Manchester United and Birmingham. All the remainder have answered “Yes.” Manchester United must secure a ground for reserve matches if they are to compete, but Manchester City are in a similar position. The City have agreed to play, but they must find a ground as they and United need Maine-road for Football League games. If the City find another ground United could use that alsom and so there is still a possibility of both Manchester clubs playing. Still 19 is the figure at the moment.

Applications have been received from three clubs outside the excusive Central League circles – Bradford Park-avenue, Nottingham Forest and Stockport County. Those applications will come before the committee on June 20. Indications are that this will be an open competition, for the majority are in favour of having one big competition. Some favour regions, but the committee recommendations will no doubt be accepted by the clubs and so I think it will b e a real revival of the leading football competition – apart from the League itself.
(Evening Express: June 5, 1945)


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