Liverpool F.C. balance sheet 1944-45

June 14, 1945
Liverpool Football Club shareholders today received their balance sheets for the year ending May 7 showing a profit of £1,880 as compared with a profit of £1,258 the previous year. A sum of £12,677 is brought forward, making £14,558, out of which the directors recommend the payment of £1,800, representing two years’ dividends at 7½%.

The annual meeting will be held at the Law Association Rooms on Friday, June 22, when Messrs. Walter Henry Cartwright, Richard Lawson Martindale and William Harvey Webb, the retiring directors, will be re-elected unopposed.

Gate receipts last season were up from £16,072 to £18,231 out of which Tax took £6,801, visiting clubs £5,242, and Football League £199. The club received £3,810 from away matches – £2,000 less than that paid out. Cup matches brought in £9,798 compared with £1,832 the previous year,

Players’ wages and transfer fees were up from £1,205 to £3,401 due mainly to fees paid for Jack Westby and Jack Pilling, and travelling and ground expenses were up.
(Source: Evening Express: June 14, 1945; via © 2018 Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited


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