Football players dissatisfied

June 22, 1945
Union seeks £4 minimum
As chairman of the Football Players’ Union Sammy Crooks, the England and Derby County outside right, tells me the players are very dissatisfied with the League’s pay offer of £4 a match during the transitional period.

He says the players feel they have sacrificed enough in the last five years and that at a recent meeting of the Union it was decided to ask for a maximum of £8 a week and a minimum of £4 a week.

The Union is also to ask the FA to arrange for players’ contracts in future to run until August 1 instead of May 7, as was the case before the war.

Under the pre-war scheme, it is pointed out the not-so-good players especially those with Third Division clubs, were without wages for three months of the year.

After discussing the various suggestions made for attracting bigger crowds and augmenting club incomes, the Union expressed the opinion that the one put forward by Mr. Percy Harper, of Crystal Palace, was the best.
(Source: Evening Despatch: June 22, 1945; via © 2018 Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited

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