The remarkable Smiths

June 24, 1945
Is your name Smith? Anyway, you’ll agree Smith is a very common name. Yet surprisingly few Smith’s have figured prominently in Scottish football circles.

I can imagine big Jimmy Smith chuckling and saying to his Ibrox pals – “The bloke’s right. But it is the quality that counts. There was Nick Smith and Alec Smith. There’s Gordon Smith. And me. And who?”

Of course, down Kilmarnock way they’ll proudly shout – “Hey! Half a mo’! What about Tommy Smith* And Mattha Smith? And J.R. Smith?”

And Auld Ayr will butt in with – “Don’t forget our Jock Smith and Jimmy Smith.”

Well, all you folk who can sport the Smith tartan take note that a spot of Smith history was made at Brockville in the recent Falkirk – Hibs Summer Cup clash.

Gordon Smith was at centre for Hibs. And the Smith clan was in control!

Linesmen were Mr. Alec. B. Smith, Glasgow, and Mr. Robert J. Smith, Cambuslang. And Mr. Cox, Rutherglen, was referee.

Don’t tell me I’ve slipped up. Y’see, the ref. is mighty proud of his middle name. Who told me? John Smith Cox himself.
“T’was the first time the three of ‘em had been “matched” together. And – what would you expect? – they worked in perfect harmony. Although some of the fans had other notions.

But they weren’t Smiths!
(Sunday Post: June 24, 1945; via © 2018 Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited

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