Football ground repairs (Anfield and Goodison)

July 3, 1945
It will take more than £10,000 to put the Goodison Park estate into the condition it was before the war. The renovation of the ground will be one of Everton’s biggest tasks when we get back to full peace. For six years only essential minor work has been permissible. The shareholders have been warned of the expense which will be necessary as soon as the restrictions on repairs are lifted.

There is hardly a portion of the ground which does not require attention, and it will take quite as “army” of workers to get things in the pre-war spick and span order. Goodison Park is the only ground in the country boasting four double-decker grand stands, and to paint the girders of one stand alone at pre-war prices would take £750. That means £3,000 for painting the stand girders alone.

There will be all the woodwork to be washed and painted; dressing-rooms and offices to be redecorated, while the entire electric lightning system will have to be overhauled and possibly re-wired. There are no fewer than 400 light points on the estate.

Liverpool will also have a tremendous amount of work to do on the Anfield ground, and already the directors have placed £2,000 to reserve for this purpose. I doubt, however, whether that will be sufficient to cover everything which will have to be done. Liverpool have painters permanently employed at the ground, and so they have been able to keep some of the work “in hand.”
(Evening Express: July 3, 1945)

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