Global links of friendship

July 10, 1945
Liverpool can share proudly in the feeling of satisfaction with which the British Council is now celebrating the tenth anniversary of its inauguration in July, 1935. The council’s aim is, in the fewest words, to tell other countries about ourselves and to encourage them to interpret themselves to us. Thus, it aims at universal understanding and friendship, and it has some wonderful achievements to its credit.

In this work Liverpool has played an outstanding role, and the council’s Allied Centre here is a pioneer effort that has no parallel elsewhere in the world.

In 40 countries
There are Council staffs in 40 Empire and foreign countries, which supply information about Britain to as many more.

Through Council channels over 300,000 British books go overseas every year, and since 1940 it has sponsored many booklets on British institutions and achievements. Of these 2,000,000 copies, in twelve languages, have been distributed, with monthly magazines and articles for the overseas Press; documentary films (sent to more than 80 countries); hundreds of thousands of photographs for newspapers, and great quantities of sheet music, &c.

Girdling the earth.
It has organised exhibitions of British paintings, architecture, and crafts-work in many countries girdling the earth from Buenos Aires to Helsinki; arranged theatrical and lecturing tours, and sent away each quarter thousands of packages of reading material in English and in the languages of those receiving it. It has also sent reading material for overseas men in hospitals, and has employed microfilm to get the contents of professional and technical journals into China.

When the war brought so many Allied Forces, seamen and civilians, to our shores, the Council established 23 offices and centres throughout the United Kingdom, and has co-operated with more than 300 clubs and societies for non-British people.

Our guests have paid 400,000 visits every year to the British Council Houses in Liverpool and Cardiff.

More than 10,000 of the Dominion and US Forces have attended leave courses at the Universities and elsewhere, while 1,500,000 local information pamphlets have been compiled for their use.

Liverpool figures.
Specially interesting Liverpool figures show that in the past two years 3,000 overseas visitors have attended the Liverpool and Everton football matches with an experienced guide; and that 38,000 main and light meals have been served at the Allied Centre to 25,000 callers, who in one week have represented 23 nations in addition to the Dominions and Colonies.

In this city, too, there are daily adult classes in English (Indians prove specially apt pupils, even when illiterate in their own tongue) and one teacher instructs Allied patients in hospitals.

The Council had a share in the establishment of the Polish School of Architecture at Liverpool University.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: July 10, 1945)

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