‘Old Firm’ at Anfield

Monday, August 20 – 1945
It should not take the Liverpool directors very long to choose their team for next Saturday’s game if most of  the players seen at Saturday’s practice are available. They had eleven regular first team men of last season on view, with Bernard Ramsden, Les Shannon, Jack Easdale, and Billy Bretton also making their mark.

Taking things easy against a defence which was naturally tender in its tackles, the first team naturally tender attacks won 4-3. They showed they have plenty of shots in their locker, while in the reserve attack Bretton, George Paterson, and Harold Thompson have distant possibilities.

Easdale impressed everyone with his display at centre half, and it was good to see Ramsden in action again. Shannon will be a capable deputy for Cyril Done if he gets the right support from his inside men, for he is quick to seize a chance, and Bretton is a winger who likes to shoot.
(Liverpool Echo, 20-08-1945)

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