Elisha Scott sends greetings

August 25, 1945
Next in my parade is Elisha Scott, of Belfast. Friend and schoolmaster John Murray had met him, and his first words were, “How’s old Bee?” I would remind Elisha that someone said to an elderly man, “You must be 70,” and got the reply, “No, I mustn’t!” Elisha was the thorniest of fellows. He wore a surplus of three stockings because he did not want the folk at the back of the goal to call him “Skinny.”

He was also the canniest of card players. He would never go solo unless he had Ace, king, queen, jack, ten seven times. When he called solo they just packed up without playing the cards.

He spent four hours travelling to Nottingham with me one day, vowing I had been unfair to him, saying he “got Dixie Dean in a certain way.”
Four hours’ harangue in a somewhat foreign tongue! Arrive at Nottingham, he invited me to a cup of tea with him, remarking: “I got Dixie all right, but not they you said I did.”
(Bee’s Notes, Liverpool Football Echo: August 25, 1945)

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