Liverpool just too good

August 27, 1945
And believe me, the Liverpool party under Mr. Stanley Ronald Williams, vice-chairman, which went to Turf Moor came home in high spirits, having seen Liverpool outpoint Burnley at all points of the game for a 3-1 win. The Liverpool team had an almost pre-war appearance, and the many 1939 stars proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that the war break has not impaired their football abilities.

Dirk Kemp, Jimmy McInnes, Berry Nieuwenhuys, Phil Taylor, Willie Fagan and Jack Balmer all did finely, yet it was the lad who came to the forefront in the war – Billy Liddell – who took the major honours. Liddell was irresistible, and, thanks to Balmer, scored two excellent goals to supplement the early score when Arthur Woodruff headed into his own goal, a header from Nieuwenhuys.

A former Liverpool player, Tommy Gardner, was the biggest danger to Red supremacy, but Burnley could not match Liverpool in either skill, speed, ideas or effectiveness. Truth is that Liverpool were just too good for the opposition.

Pleasing item of news from Anfield is that Willie Fagan, who has for so long been an “exile” down the south, is now stationed at Chester, and with the consent of his C.O. should be fairly regular.
(Evening Express, 27-08-1945)


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