‘Chindit’ Groom and Mossley Hill Bride

August 30, 1945
Miss Gwladys (Gimmy) Martindale, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lawson Martindale, “Fieldhead,” Menlovegardens North, Mossley Hill, Liverpool, was married today at All Hallow’s Church, Allerton, to Captain John R. Carroll, King’s Liverpool Regiment, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Carroll, “Verdala Tower,” Allerton.

Mr. Richard Lawson Martindale, who gave away his daughter, is House Fuel Officer for Liverpool and District, is ex-chairman of the Liverpool Football Club, and is the immediate Past President of Liverpool Rotary Club.

The bridegroom, who was one of Wingate’s ‘Chindits,” arrived back in Liverpool from Burma on VJ Day after four years’ service. He brought back with him yards of white satin for his bride’s weddings gown. This lovely robe the bride wore at today’s ceremony. Her Brussel lace veil was secured by a wreath of orange blossom, and she carried a bouqet of roses and white heather.

Picture frocks of mauve morie silk taffeta were worn by the bridesmaids, Miss Phyllis Carroll and Miss Mary McKenzie.

The bridegroom’s twin brother, Flying-Officer Tom Carroll, RAF, was best man, and the ushers were Major J. Coughlan, Major F. Freeman and Mr. J.R.L. Martindale.

After a reception, held in All Hallow’s Church Hall, the bride and bridegroom left for their honeymoon in the Lake District.
(Source: Evening Express: August 30, 1945)

Gimmy Martindale


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