Ted Drake goes west

Saturday, September 1 – 1945
We, here, are much concerned about the pass-out of Ted Drake, Arsenal forward. He has been laid up through injury that will stop his football and cricket, at which he was so expert. It was Drake’s name that caused manager George Kay to come to Liverpool F.C. management. I was going next on the Aquitana to America and suggested he should call on the Liverpool chairman of that time and offer to sell him Drake.

Liverpool wanted a centre forward and had paid sums of £8,000 to that end, but generally with little practical result. Annual meetings came and went, bank overdrafts became larger and larger, and shareholders asked “Get us a centre forward. That’s what we need and want.”

Mr. Kay came to Liverpool, offered his great discovery in vain, but on leaving added as a prearranged afterthought. “If you want a manager I should like to cut in at this popular club.” And that’s how the seed was sown by which the Anfield club made its appointment of Mr. Kay.

Incidentally, now another managerial note arises. The history of Liverpool F.C. was founded upon the appointment of old Tom Watson as their first manager. Tom died in May, 1915 – Chester Cup day – and we were asked to subscribe towards a stone to mark his grave. There is no stone record of Tom’s burial place. It doesn’t seem right to me.
(Bee’s notes – Liverpool Football Echo, 01-09-1945)

For info about Tom Watson’s funeral with a recent image of his grave see this article.

Note: ‘Bee’s’ real name was Ernest Edwards.

Ted Drake, at Arsenal.
Ted Drake

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