Fine shooting – Liverpool seize their chances

Monday, December 3 – 1945
Liverpool, who defeated Huddersfield Town 4-1 at Anfield, gave their visitors an object lesson first-time shooting and accurate finishing. There was not the disparity in the sides which the score suggests, but the Huddersfield forwards failed lamentably whenever they got in the penalty area.

The home siode reaped the benefit of quick shooting four times, and with a little luck, would have had much bigger bag. The star of the day was Liddell. He has given some brilliant displays at Anfield, but this surpassed them all. He got two brilliant goals himself, provided the passes which enabled Fagan and Balmer to get one each, and also that from which Baron netted, though the latter’s point was disallowed for a hair-line offside decision.

Fagan was next best. Balmer showed improved form, but Taylor was out of his element as a winger. Baron got few chances to distinguish himself.

Liverpool’s defence had plenty of work to do. Three times the ball was kicked away on the goal-line with Hall beaten and several times only good work by Hughes and his colleagues saved the situation in the nick of time. Liverpool’s halves were in excellent form, McInnes, in particular, giving a polished display. Lambert again was very sound.

The visitors’ goal came when Hughes was unable to avoid a Bateman shot and deflected it into the net. Huddersfield were fortunate there but played well enough throughout to deserve more than one goal.

Liverpool: Harry Hall, Ray Lambert, Jeff Gulliver, Harry Kaye, Laurie Hughes, Jimmy McInnes, Phil Taylor, Kevin Baron, Willie Fagan, Jack Balmer, Billy Liddell.
Huddersfield Town: Don Clegg, Graham Bailey, Jeff Barker, Ken Willingham, Eddie Boot, Howe, Albert Bateman, Jimmy Glazzard, Billy Price, Eddie Carr, Willie Watson.
Referee: Mr. H.W. Wright (Macclefield).
(Liverpool Daily Post, 03-12-1945)


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