Liverpool showing improved form

April 26, 1946
Liverpool’s most recent form has shown vast improvement. Don’t infer that Anfield’s worries and troubles are over, but a side that can win 11 points out of a possible 14 cannot be playing quite so badly as the form book suggests.

News that Liddell will be available for the return match with Blackpool at Anfield to-morrow is undoubtedly good news, for he has been missed. His thrust and drive, and high-powered shooting, would have made all the difference at Grimsby and Blackpool, where a point was conceded.

Blackpool are feeling the drought these days. During the war they excelled in borrowed plumes, but with the departure of their guest players they are not so hot at the moment. They were a poor side last Saturday, so it was aggravating that Liverpool did not take the opportunity of winning both points.

How unlike the days when Stanley Matthews, Eddie Burbanks, and Ronnie Dix tripped along the turf of Bloomfield Road to make Blackpool one of the most feared sides in the North.

I anticipate another Liverpool victory, for Blackpool are no great shakes nowadays. Their defence is nothing out of the ordinary, and if Liddell can strike his best form he should figure among the goals. We are getting near the end of the term, when limbs are tired, but Liverpool took the precaution of giving their men a rest during the Easter recess. Nevertheless, here is a chance of bagging two more points.

Military Medallist Bill Jones is back from Palestine for demobilisation and comes in at centre forward in place of Cyril Done, his first appearance in the senior side since last September.

Liverpool from: Cyril Sidlow, Jim Harley, Bernard Ramsden, Ray Lambert, Phil Taylor, Laurie Hughes, Bob Paisley, Eddie Spicer, Berry Nieuwenhuys, Jack Balmer, Bill Jones, Willie Fagan, Billy Liddell.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: April 26, 1946)

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