New Parking Places around Anfield football ground

September 21, 1946
A new Order signed by the Lord Mayor of Liverpool for the regulation of traffic and queuing to the vicinity of Liverpool Football ground issued by way of public advertisement comes in time for the great “derby” game today between Everton and Liverpool at Anfield. Liverpool F.C., private parking ground near the main entrance has been closed as there was insufficient room for both queues and vehicles.

Under the new order private motorists will be allowed to park on the east sides of four roads not hitherto open to them for parking during matches Lothair Road, Alroy Road, Sybil Road and Copingsby Road all facing Anfield Road. Liverpool Corporation Passengers Transport Department will use all available vehicles to augment the normal services on the routes leading to Anfield and adjacent areas.
(Liverpool Daily Post: September 21, 1946)


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