David George Ashworth (Dave Ashworth)

Born: June 2 – 1867, in Blackpool (Lancashire), in England.
Passed away: March 22 – 1947, in Blackpool (Lancashire), in England.

Newchurch Rovers.
Secretary: Hudson Fold.
Secretary: Rossendale United (also acted as a Football League referee representing Waterfoot).
Secretary: Oldham Athletic, appointed, April – 1906.
Secretary: Stockport County, appointed, May 1 – 1914.
Secretary/Manager: Liverpool, appointed, December – 1919.
** Resigned, December 20 – 1922.
Manager: Oldham Athletic, appointed, December 20 – 1922.
Manager: Manchester City, appointed, 1924.
** Resigned, November – 1925.
Manager: Walsall, appointed, March – 1926.
** Resigned, 1927.
Manager: Caernarfon Town, appointed, 1927.
Manager: Llanelli, appointed, 1930.
Scout: Blackpool, 1935 (at least until 1938).

1911 Census, signature and address:
Census Dave AShworth 1911 IV

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