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Born: April 27, 1873: Sutton, near St. Helens, in England.
Passed away: June 9, 1947: Liverpool, in England.

Position: Centre half, right half or right full back.

Height: 177 cm. (5ft. 9½in.);
Weight: 77 kilos (12st. 2lb.).

Earlestown Albion, 1892.
Earlestown, 1893.
Haydock, 1894.
Stockport County, 1895.
** Transferred to Liverpool.
Liverpool, signed, December 15 – 1897;
* registered with the Football League, December 16 – 1897;
* eligible for Liverpool in official matches, December 22 – 1897.

Football League, First Division, Winner: 1900/01 (Liverpool).
Winner of Lancashire Alliance, 1894/95.
Liverpool Cup Winner: 1904-05 (Liverpool).




  1. I’am the great grandniece of Charles James Wilson. It’s amazing to discover more about him. I knew there was a footballer in the family but I had no idea he played for Liverpool & coached them for over 40 years. I wonder if there would be any early film footage ?

    1. Hi Jayne,

      I am so happy you found you way to my website. I have loads of mentionings of Charlie in articles transcribed for the whole period he was with Liverpool. You know that the most famous article about him is when he broke his leg at Middlesbrough in a match there. The night before the game he had actually dreamt he would break his leg. I will look around for special articles about Charlie.

      Please feel free to share any stories you have about him.

      Kind regards,


      1. I knew about the dream story, as I’m in touch with someone tracing our family tree, which I do too, I’m very keen on genealogy in relation to my ancestors. She put me on to charlies footballing career with info she had found plus photos. His father was also called Charles James Wilson – my great grandfather x2.
        I would like to know if there’s anything at the Liverpool football museum or archives to do with Charlie anything he wore,his boots, shorts, shirt don’t know really ( & I’ve even been to the Liverpool FC museum not really knowing ! ) as I probably missed something not really knowing his background.
        It would be amazing to find out if there is anything anything at all in relation to early film footage.
        I would like to know ( without ordering his death certificate ) where he lived & died in later life & where he is buried.
        I’m very proud of my great uncle as he was at Liverpool’s early beginnings. I’m not really into football I will be honest ( as I’m an opera singer & more into music ) but I’m very interested in my great Uncle Charlie’s acheivement & my eldest son does like football !


    2. Hi, my name is Stephen Kelly and have written a number of books about LFC, including the official history. I actually own the medal presented to Charlie for winning the first division title in 1901. Throughout his life he wore it on a chain on his waistcoat. Although he did not play that many games for Liverpool his influence at the club was enormous. and has not been fully appreciated or recognised. For many years he was the Liverpool’s coach, leading the side to the title in 1922 and 1923. Indeed there is a wonderful photograph of him in my book holding the championship trophy from those years. He continued to work at the club until the mid 1940s and I have a number of photos which he took. I bought his medal off his son Doug about thirty years ago.

      1. Hi Stephen,

        Thanks for the wonderful story. The old history of LFC is so fascinating and having a real nugget from the time is just amazing. I do have quite a few of your books in my book-shelf at home. I remember your name very well in my first meetings with the written history of LFC.

        I hope you enjoy these pages.


      2. It would be great if you could take a photo of his well deserved medal & anything else you might have.

    1. My pleasure! I will be in Liverpool mid March and I will look for his obituary at the library. Whatever I find I will let you know. I might also be able to find out where he is buried, unless you know this of course.



    1. I am Charlie Wilsons great granddaughter did not know much about him except for the little I heard from my grandfather, his son Dougie, my dad Graham died at 33 , my grandfather said he game his medal to LFC but they told me they have no record of that.

      1. Hi Caron
        Lovely to hear from you & your response re Charlie Wilson. We are certainly related as cousins.
        Do we happen to know where Charlie Wilson is buried in Liverpool? Are there other family members there ?
        Re medal – what kind of a medal was it for ? Was it for services the LFC ? Perhaps it never found its way to the club.

    1. Hi Caron,

      Welcome to these pages about Liverpool F.C. and where you can find hundreds of articles about Charlie Wilson. He seemed to have been quite some character while with Liverpool Football Club and he holds a very special place in the club’s history going from being a player to a trainer.

      I do hope you will find special articles about Charlie here that will give you much more insight into his life as a footballer, and I am sorry to hear about the football medal.

      Best regards,


    2. I think it was a medal for the division championship, Amy grandfather said he gave it too the club. When I conntactaced them they had no record. They would have loved to find it.
      My father did not really know his dad as his parents divorce when he was a young boy. They got back together when my father was a man. My dad died when he was 33 and my brother Ian passed away at 41 from cancer.

  2. Wilson is buried in West Derby Cemetery. Wife Ada + Douglas and Mabel was mention in Liverpool Echo in 1947.

    1. Thank you for that information, I was getting information for my son who was writing a report on one of his family members . I have the LFC book which has a picture of Charlie Wilson and the team.
      Thank you so much for taking the time to reply.

      1. This is all great !
        I went for a walk round West Derby cemetery today….couldn’t find his grave !
        Caron – I’m on Ancestry …. I’ve found your family tree. Would be nice to converse more.
        I’m ……..jayne503
        Wilson family tree

  3. Thank you, nice to hear from a relative , I will check it out , I put my ancestry account on hold but I will renew again and check it out. Did not know I had anyone left from the Liverpool side. I was born in Liverpool, but grew up mostly on Wales. Would love to converse more, Caron

    1. I’m the Wilson side that lived in Newton Le Willows / Earlestown
      Charlie played for Earlstown Albion in early days.
      You probably don’t have any more Liverpool relatives as they tend to have lived around the Warrington area / St Helen’s / Newton
      My mum lives in Liverpool but your not related to her as its on my dads side.
      I now live in Bowdon – funnily enough where a lot of ( Dare I say it on here ! 😉) Manchester
      Utd football players live.
      We went on the Liverpool FC tour a while back just fascinating ! The restaurant was excellent. Must go again & take more notice at the museum !
      My son Michael is very very keen on his football & always manages to get selfies with footballers at our local Sainsbury’s .

      1. I left Liverpool around the age of 4, mother is welsh, mostly grew up on Anglesey. I went back to Liverpool to do my RN training, before going in the RAF, now live in the USA, . I want to take my boys to Liverpool and do the tour ,that sounds fun. My boys played football or soccer as they call it here when they where younger. , most kids out here like man united! This has ade my day thank you

  4. We should meet up when you come over & we could do the LFC tour have a good chat ! I could take you to the places the Wilson’s came from….do a bit of a family history weekend.

  5. At Anfield Cemetery they have year books and maps so they can find out where people are buried. I suppose office at West Derby Cemetery also have.

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