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“Chorlton is a most promising player, and possessing a fine turn of speed, accuracy in kicking, and any amount of pluck and determination, he should gain fame in the near future. He stands 5ft. 8in. and weighs 11st. 2lb., so that he is nicely proportioned for a footballer. As regards his versatility there can be no question, but we fancy I will be as a right full-back that he will be able to do himself full justice. He is keen on the game, anxious and eager to do his utmost for his side’s welfare, and a downright genial and unassuming individual.”
(Source: Joint Everton and Liverpool Match Programme: April 21, 1905)

Tom Chorlton’s biography (1905).

Born: April 9, 1880: in Heaton Mersey, in England.
Passed away: March 4, 1948.

Nickname: Sunny.

Position: Right back, or right back.

Height: 174 cm. (5ft. 8in.);
Weight: 71 kilos (11st. 2lb.).
** Source: Match Programme: April 21, 1905.

Heaton Mersey Juniors, 1896.
Northenden, 1898.
* 1899-00: ?-? (Manchester League).
Stockport County, 1899.
Accrington Stanley, 1903.
Liverpool: Signed: May 15, 1904.
* eligible for Liverpool in official matches: September 1, 1904.
* Re-signed, for Liverpool: May 28, 1909.
** On transfer list: May 3, 1912 for £150.
** Transferred to Manchester United for £150.
Manchester United: Signed: August 30, 1912.
* On transfer list, for £50 (set by the Football League).
Stalybridge Celtic: Signed, July, 1914.
Trainer: Manchester City: Appointed: July 1935.

Football League, First Division, Winner: 1905-06 (Liverpool).
Football League, Second Division, Winner: 1904-05 (Liverpool).
Lancashire Combination, Winner: 1903-04 (Accrington Stanley).

Joint Everton and Liverpool Match Programme: April 21, 1905.
Athletic News: April 24, 1905.

Joint Everton and Liverpool Match Programme: October 3, 1908.
Tom Chorlton 1908

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  1. My wife’s family were connected to chorltons of Heaton Norris and my grandson will be pleased to read this website, even if for his sins he is a muf supporter.

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