Bernard Ramsden transferred to Sunderland for £10,000

March 15, 1948
Sunderland took a last leap into the open transfer arena – it closes tonight – and signed on Bernard Ramsden, 30-year-old Liverpool back.
A more-than-£10,000 cheque secured Ramsden, who was on the transfer list, at his own request.

He began in Sheffield junior football, graduated to Liverpool in 1935, took a trip to America to get married in 1945, and has made 11 first-team appearances this season.
Ramsden, a bit of a vocalist, had an offer to go on the music halls, but he preferred to stay in football.
(Source: Daily Express: March 15, 1948)

Bernard Ramsden


    1. HI Carol,

      Wow, it must be nice to have a footballer in your family. I will see if I can look more into Bernard’s career and update his profile page.



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