Liverpool: Board of Directors: 1947/1948

Period: July 4 – 1947 to July 9 – 1948.

Mr. William Henry McConnell, J.P.. (passed away on August 7 – 1947).

Mr. Stanley Ronald Williams, C.C.. (elected Chairman on August 19 – 1947).

Board of Directors:
Messrs. Walter Henry Cartwright (passed away October 22, 1947), William Harvey Webb, James Hubert Troop, William John Harrop, C.C., Richard Lawson Martindale M.B.E., George Alfred Richards, J.P. (elected Vice Chairman on August 19, 1947), Alderman Ralph Knowles Milne, M.C., Thomas Valentine Williams (elected Director on January 20, 1948), Mr. Thomas McConnell (elected Director on January 20, 1948).

Team Manager:
Mr. George Kay.

Club Secretary:
Mr. John Charles Rouse.

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