Liverpool’s full USA record

June 22, 1948
Liverpool F.C. have done a good job of work in America, both in upholding British soccer prestige and in showing sportsminded folk over there the finer arts of a game in which they are still a long way behind us in skill and talent.

We get so little to crow about in international sporting spheres that we can’t afford to miss any chance, and Liverpool have helped to take away a bit of the sting of seeing so many golf and other titles wending their way over the Atlantic.

For the benefit of Liverpool enthusiasts – to say nothing of saving myself the task of answering another spate of queries like those which followed in the wake of Liverpool’s previous U.S. tour – here is a full list of the Reds’ games with attendances and scorers.

May 16, 1948 at Triborough Stadium (Attendance 8,000) – American League Metropolitan All stars; Liverpool won 5-1. Scorers Jack Balmer (2), Albert Stubbins (2), Ken Brierley.

May 20, 1948 at Baltimore (2,755) – Baltimore; Liverpool won 9-2. Scorers Jack Balmer (3), Ken Brierley (2), Billy Liddell, Albert Stubbins, Willie Fagan, Jim Harley.

May 23, 1948 at Philadelphia (7,500) – All Philadelphia Stars; Liverpool won 5-2. Scorers Albert Stubbins (3), Jack Balmer, Billy Liddell.

May 26, 1948 at Fall River (8,500) – New England. Liverpool won 6-0. Scorers Albert Stubbins (2), Willie Fagan (2), Bob Priday, Jack Balmer.

May 30, 1948 at New York (7,500) – American League All Stars. Liverpool won 9-2. Scorers Albert Stubbins (5), Billy Liddell (2), Willie Fagan, Jack Balmer.

June 1, 1948 at Missouri (7,500) – St. Louis. Liverpool won 4-2. Scorers Billy Liddell (2), Albert Stubbins, Bob Priday.

June 3, 1948 at Montreal (12,000) – Montreal. Liverpool won 4-2. Scorers Les Shannon, Jack Balmer, Ken Brierley, Billy Liddell.

June 9, 1948 at Ebbets Field (5,000) – American League Metropolitan Stars. Liverpool won 5-2. Scorers Albert Stubbins (2), Billy Liddell (2), Willie Fagan.

June 15, 1948, at Toronto (8,000) – Ulster All Stars. Liverpool won 5-1. Scorers Jack Balmer (2), Billy Liddell, Willie Fagan, Albert Stubbins.

June 18, 1948 at Brooklyn (18,400) – Djurgårdens IF (Sweden). Liverpool won 3-2. Scorers Billy Liddell, Ken Brierley, Jack Balmer.

June 20, 1948 at New Jersey (7,000) – Kearney. Liverpool won 8-0. Scorers Jack Balmer (3), Billy Liddell (2), Les Shannon (2), Bob Priday.

Total scores: Liverpool 63. Opponents 16.

Scorers: Albert Stubbins (17), Jack Balmer (15), Billy Liddell (13), Willie Fagan (6), Ken Brierley (5), Bob Priday (3), Les Shannon (3), Jim Harley (1).
(Source: Liverpool Echo: June 22, 1948)

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