Joe Cadden on holiday in Glasgow

July 18, 1948
Holidaying at his Glasgow home before going South is Joe Cadden, Scots junior who turned senior by way of the United States. Signed over there by Liverpool manager George Kay, the former Shawfield centre-half was actually spotted playing against the Anfielders for a couloufully-styled select side, New York Metropolitan All Stars.

For Joe it was a short but sweet stay in the States. In 15 months, he travelled from coast to coast, played for Chicago Maroons and Brooklyn Wanderers, meeting hundreds of exiled Scots along the way.

Despite comparative lack of knowledge of the sport, the American Football League is a flourishing affair with clubs like Detroit Wolverines, Brooklyn Wanderers, Chicago Maroons and Baltimore Americans, forming the back-bone. Each man receive 15 dollars a game, apart from being fed “on the club.” If it rains, the game is off!

While over there, Joe met ex-Celtic ‘keeper Joe Kennaway. Now of Fall River, Massachusetts, the ex-Celt asked to be reminded to friends here.
(Source: Sunday Post: July 18, 1948; via © 2018 Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited

Joe Cadden.


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