Stan Eastham for Australia

Monday, November 8 – 1948
Canberra, Monday. – Two English football players are going to Australia as migrants at the invitation of the Corinthian football club of Brisbane. They are Stan Eastham and Harry Brophy.

Eastham, an amateur inside right, has represented England in the Olympic Games and has toured Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. Brophy is a centre half who has played for Arsenal and Southampton.
(Gloucester Citizen, 08-11-1948)


  1. Interesting – Stan was my Uncle, married to my maternal Aunt Maisie, I remember him and his family going to Australia. They ended up living for many years in Perth He was a lovely man.

    1. Hi Shirley. Thank you so much for posting about Stan, and welcome to these history pages about Liverpool F.C. and its players.

      I have not made the profile page for Stan, but was wanting to ask if you know his correct birthdate, and maybe when he passed away?

      Best regards,


    2. Hi Shirley.I have helped compile a book on post war league football that lists every player that played since the war in the football league 25000 players now.I would be greatful if you could provide some information on your uncle was he born in Bolton on 26th November 1913 ? if not can you find the correct dates and place and date of death.after the war he played for Stockport before emigrating.a new edition is due to come out next year and I would be glad to give you details


      Michael Featherstone


      1. Hi
        My husbands Father was Wilfred Eastham Stanley Easthams Brother
        Their father Was Ruben Eastham
        Stan had two daughtere Elizabeth and Jane

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