Albert Stubbins a doubtful starter

January 3, 1949
While the Liverpool players, after their good win at Sunderland, were resting to-day, Albert Stubbins, the English international centre forward, who still hopes to be fit to play against Nottingham Forest reported for light training at the Gateshead ground after his two months’ absence with a leg injury.

Stubbins has been receiving electro massage treatment and he has made excellent progress during the past few days.

Everything, however, depends on how he stands up to sprinting, ball play, and strong tackling, for he still feels the effects of the injury when he makes a sudden swerve or turn. Stubbins travels to Liverpool on Wednesday for further training, and a final fitness test before the selection of the Cup team.

Liverpool players begin their routine training to-morrow at Anfield.

They are practically free of injury or sickness worries, for Cyril Sidlow, the Welsh international goalkeeper, has almost recovered from his influenza attack. He was rested at Sunderland in order to be completely fit for the Cup game.

There is little doubt that after the grand second-half display against Sunderland, the defence, after allowing for Sidlow’s return in place of Ray Minshull, will be unchanged, the attack being the main source of discussion in the boardroom. It is more than likely that the directors will advise an extra period of training in Stubbins’ case, for after two months’ lay-off he can hardly be in his best form.

Cyril Done, the deputy centre forward, has been leading the line with marked skill and dash and is admirably suited for cup-tie football. Given half a chance he is a fine opportunist, with his big frame and forceful tactics. There is rising optimism in the Liverpool camp.
(Source: Nottingham Evening Post: January 3, 1949)

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