Death of a former Liverpool F.C. scout

Monday, February 7 – 1949
The death occurred in Stirling Royal Infirmary early on Monday morning of Mr. Alexander McNeil, 88 Stirling Street, Denny, at the age of 68 years. Mr. McNeil was a member of a well-known Denny family, his father being the late Alexander McNeil for long associated with the old Denny Athletic Club, of which he was president. His son was also associated with this club, but later took over the treasurership of Denny Hibernians F.C., a local club which won the Scottish Junior Cup in season 1930-31 and suspended their activities in the following year.

The late Mr. McNeil, however, continued his keen interest in football and was the means of linking up some of the prominent Denny Hibs players with Manchester City, including the famous Matt Busby, now manager of Manchester United. Afterwards, he acted as a talent spotter in Scotland for Liverpool and Sheffield Wednesday.

In the early part of his life, the deceased was for some 30 years employed as a boctomer at the Herbertshire Colliery, Denny, but later he was appointed as janitor at St. Patrick’s School, Denny, where his faithful services won him high regard. Other interest included a period as caretaker of the old Denny Town Hall, which, incidentally, gained him much experience in stage-craft, and as stage carpenter he rendered yeoman service to Denny Operatic Society when it was producing the Gilbert and Sullivan operas. He was also on occasion called upon for help in this direction from outside areas.

Mr. McNeil’s interest in stage work served him well in concert work served him well in concert work in connection with St. Alexander’s Church. He was predeceased by his wife some years ago and is survived by two sons who have been extended much public sympathy.
(Falkirk Herald, 09-02-1949)

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