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“The picture of an athlete, a player’s remarkable abilities and a man of high instincts, Alexander Raisbeck, the captain of Liverpool, arrests attention as soon as he walks on to the arena. He is a footballer with a personality, even in the promiscuous punting about prior to the commencement of a match, and his figure is calculated to prompt the question: “Who is that very fair man?” from the spectator who is but a casual visitor to the grounds of our leading clubs. His wealth of flaxen hair and his pink complexion, for Raisbeck is always “in the pink” of condition, endow him with prominence if his fine frame did not command respect. Raisbeck is like all great athletes – he looks taller and more powerful in the garb of sport than he does in the ordinary attire of everyday life. This famous son of “Caledonia stern and wild” stands 5ft. 9½in., and weighs 12st. 12lb., so that he is calculated to give an opponent pause if perchance they happen to meet. To these qualities he adds the inestimable gift of youth, for he is only 22 next Boxing Day, and, like many of his race, he has a headpiece that would steer him even through more intricate mazes and meshes than can be found on a football enclosure, kaleidoscopic though these changes be. The captain of Liverpool is undoubtedly among the greatest players who ever crossed the border.”
(Athletic News: April 11, 1901)

Born: December 26, 1878: Polmont (Stirlingshire)), Scotland.
Passed away: March 12, 1949: Liverpool (Lancashire), England.
** Alex Raisbeck’s will.

Position: Centre half, also played right full back and centre forward.

Height: 178 cm. (5ft. 10in.);
Weight: 83 kilos (13st.).
** Source: Athletic News: December 30, 1907.

Larkhall Thistle, 1894.
Royal Albert.
Hibernian: Signed: July 30, 1896.
** Stoke: On loan for test matches: March 5, 1898.
** Transferred to Liverpool for £350.
Liverpool: Signed: May 6, 1898;
* eligible for Liverpool in official matches: September 1, 1898.
** Alex Raisbeck leaves Liverpool.
** Transferred to Partick Thistle for £75.
Patrick Thistle: Signed: August 9, 1909;
* The transfer registered with the Scottish Football League: August 16, 1909.
Manager: Hamilton Academicals.
** Alex Raisbeck to coach Sweden?.
** Alex Raisbeck’s unique life story begins.
** Raisbeck linked to the manager post at Liverpool.
** Alex Raisbeck still capable.
Secretary-Manager: Bristol City, appointed: December 28, 1921.
** Raisbeck gets Wadsworth for Bristol City.
** Alex Raisbeck a popular manager.
** Alex Raisbeck hand in his resignation.
Secretary-Manager: Halifax Town, appointed: June 28, 1930.
** Accepted the offer of managing Chester FC on May 13 – 1936.
** Out of contract with Halifax Town, May 31 – 1936.
Manager: Chester, appointed, June 1 – 1936.
** Former Red replaces former Red at Chester FC.
** Resigned, April 12 – 1938.
Secretary-Manager: Bath City: Appointed: June 28, 1938.
** Alex Raisbeck – Bath City’s new manager.
** Alex Raisbeck and Bath City FC.
** Raisbeck re-visits Bath.

Scotland A 9-0 (v. England: April 7, 1900; v. England: March 30, 1901; v. England: April 5, 1902; v. England: May 3, 1902; v. Wales: March 9, 1903 ‘captain’; v. England: April 4, 1903 ‘captain’; v. England: April  9, 1904 ‘captain’; v. England: April 7, 1906 ‘captain’; v. England: April 6, 1907 ‘captain’).
Scotland A Trial 3-0 (March 6, 1897; March 21, 1900; March 20, 1901).
Scottish League XI 3-0 (v. Irish League: November 30, 1897; v. English League: March 4, 1911; v. Irish League: November 6, 1912).
Football League First Division Winner: 1905-06 (Liverpool).
Football League Second Division Winner: 1904-05 (Liverpool).
Sheriff of London Charity Shield Winner: 1905-06 (Liverpool).
Liverpool Cup Winner: 1904-05 (Liverpool), 1905-06 (Liverpool).

As manager:
Football League Third Division South Winner: 1922-23 (Bristol City), 1926-27 (Bristol City).

Lancashire Evening Post: March 11, 1899.

Athletic News: November 4, 1901.

Athletic News: February 17, 1902.

The Evening Post: April 2, 1902.
Alex Raisbeck 1902 II

Daily Mirror: April 4, 1904.
Alex Raisbeck 1903

Joint Everton and Liverpool Match Programme: September 1, 1904.
Alex Raisbeck 1904 II

Scottish Referee: October 23, 1911.

Athletic News: November 27, 1911.
1911 Alex Raisbeck

Athletic News: January 30, 1928.


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