Training starts at Anfield

July 18, 1949
Within a month we will be in the throes of football. Several clubs have already started their preparations for the forthcoming season. The Liverpool players reported yesterday for training, and Anfield was a hove of activity for a few hours.

Not only are the players getting ready but the painters and other workmen were there putting the finishing touches to the stands and the baths in the players’ dressing-room. You will be surprised at the excellent condition of the turf.

There is no parched playing pitch, but a lovely sweep of grass that must have been tended with the utmost care since the closing day of last season. Groundsman Bert Riley has tended almost every blade of grass, and he must feel amply paid for his attention.

Twenty-eight players were out and about shortly after 10 a.m., the absentees being the new player from Cowdenbeath, Sam Shields, inside forward, and Russell Crossley, the goalkeeper, who is being married.

The morning was devoted to loosening-up exercises and ball play, and it would amaze you to see what control the players have over the ball. They can do almost anything with it. Albert Stubbins was first out with the ball but was soon joined by his colleagues and heading and passing was the order.

Nothing of a strenuous nature was undertaken, but to-day the normal training routine will take place, which will include a run out in the country.

The new players were soon made welcome. Tommy Liddell is as like his brother Billy as two peas in a pod. Built on similar lines, his position is at right or left back. He was formerly with the Dunfermline junior club, Lochore Welfare. He is 25 years of age.

Sammy Shield is five years younger, and an inside-right well spoken of over the border He was signed from Cowdenbeath during the close season. The players were welcomed by the chairman Mr. Stanley Ronald Williams, director James Hubert Troop and manager George Kay.

Here is the list of retained players: –
Goal. – Charles Ashcroft, Cyril Sidlow and Ray Minshull.
Full-backs. – Bill Shepherd, Ray Lambert, Eddie Spicer, Steve Parr, Tommy Liddell, G. White (part time), Kenneth Seddon (part time).
Half backs: Phil Taylor, Bill Jones, Bob Paisley, Laurie Hughes, Bryan Williams, Joe Cadden, Frank Christie, John Coppack (part time), Joe Heydon (part time), Roy Saunders (part time).
Forwards. – Jimmy Payne, Jack Balmer, Albert Stubbins, Cyril Done, Billy Liddell, Willie Fagan, Billy Watkinson, Kenny Swift, Les Shannon, Sammy Shields, Malcolm Glazzard (part time), R.K. Wright (part time), Tommy McLeod.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: July 19, 1949)

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