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About Leslie Hewitt Gay:
“Tall, and with long reach, Gay is, in addition, substantially built, and his huge kicks off from goal display the power he possesses, and are the delight of the crowd.”
(Lloyd’s Weekly News: December 3, 1893)

Born: March 24, 1871: Brighton (Sussex), England.
Passed away: November 1, 1949: Sidmouth (Devon), England.

Position: Goalkeeper.


Park House School.
Brighton College: 1889.
Clare College.
Cambridge University: 1890.
Old Brigthonians.
Corinthians: 1891.

England A 3-0 (v. Scotland: April 1, 1893; v. Wales: March 12, 1894; v. Scotland: April 7, 1894).
Sussex Cup Winner: 1888-89 (Brighton College).

Lloyd’s Weekly News: December 3, 1893.


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