Sweden rings Anfield 2361

December 5, 1949
The ringing of the telephone hushed the hubbub in the Liverpool F.C. board room half an hour after Saturday’s match. The call was from Gothenburg, Sweden. A newspaper there wanted a word with Dan Ekner, the Swedish international forward who had played inside right for Portsmouth at Anfield.

Ekner, fetched from the dressing-room, answered, and the room full of officials was silent as, in Swedish, the young amateur gave his home-town newspaper his impressions of his second League match in England.

The newspaper was only voicing the interest of the Gothenburg citizens, who all wanted to know how their football idol had fared against unbeaten, top-of-the-table Liverpool. He is working in the Portsmouth area on a steel construction job.

Ekner, I understand, played extremely well for the League champions in heavy, unpleasant conditions such as he had never before experienced, and it was his beautifully directed “Swedish-Scottish” pass to Harris which brought Portsmouth’s first equaliser.

Portsmouth, down twice, drew 2-2, would have been unlucky to lose to Liverpool, who have now gone through their 19 matches since the start of the season without defeat (ten have been won and nine drawn, with a goal record off 33-16, and lead Manchester United by three points at the head of the First Division.

Liverpool manager, George Kay, says of his great eleven: “It’s team-work more than planning.”

When they are on top, Liverpool are terrific, as Portsmouth goalkeeper Butler will testify.
(Daily Mail: December 5, 1949)

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