Liverpool Reserves v Burnley Reserves 1-4 (League match: December 17, 1949)

December 17, 1949
Match: Central League, at Anfield.
Liverpool Reserves – Burnley Reserves 1-4 (1-2).
Referee: Mr. L.A. Snowden (Manchester).
Liverpool Reserves (2-3-5): Ray Minshull; Tommy Liddell, Steve Parr; Tommy McLeod, Joe Cadden, Frank Christie; Jimmy Payne, Sam Shields, Robert Williams, Jack Balmer, Peter Kippax.
Burnley Reserves (2-3-5): Ron Meadows; Reg Kirkham, Bill Holden; Harry Rudham, Harry Spencer, Len Martindale; Les Shannon, Les Samuels, Ray Harrison, Gordon Haigh, Ian Wilson.
The goals: 1-0 Williams (5 min.), 1-1 Samuels, 1-2 Shannon (17 min.), 1-3 Wilson (75 min.), 1-4 Shannon.

Burnley Reserves’ win on Saturday was notable for another rally after being in arrears, for Samuel’s first goal in the Central League, and for Shannon’s two goals against his former team-mates.

A goal behind in the first five minutes, when Williams netted, Burnley fought back to dominate play by fine combination, in which Wilson an Shannon were on top form.

It was Shannon who worked the ball for Samuels to equalise with a grand shot, and later Wilson crossed a grand centre for Shannon to put Burnley ahead after 17 minutes.

Minshull saved Liverpool by a good save from an equally good shot by Wilson.

Liverpool had more of the play after the interval, but the Burnley defence held firm and Meadows was safe.

Cadden was a stumbling block to the Burnley attack until the 75th minute, when Wilson shot their third goal.

Shannon rounded off a fine display by netting the Clarets’ fourth and making the victory certain.

Peter Kippax, the former Burnley amateur, played on the Liverpool left wing.
(Source: Burnley Express: December 21, 1949)

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